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6 Questions you should ask before renting a house

October 30, 2015 — by Mama fish0


FamilyGeorgiaTravel Tips

6 Questions you should ask before renting a house

October 30, 2015 — by Mama fish0

When moving abroad, renting a place is an attractive option to settling into the place you will call home.  Whether you’re headed to the Philippines, Georgia, Morocco or any country, you don’t want to be stuck in a neighborhood, region, or home you don’t like.  So…

It is important to ask a few questions along the way.

Rent an apartment in Tbilisi
6 Questions before renting a house abroad
Do you speak English?

Look for an agency who has at least one consultant that speak English  (or your mother tongue).  This hopefully will help maintain the professionalism throughout the process.  Additionally, will keep you in the loop until you find the perfect house.  Request for any contract you sign to be translated, as it is usually legally binding and you should understand what you are signing.

Can we pay on arrival?

It’s always best to find your house and offer to pay on arrival.  You never know what you are truly getting through a handful of hand selected pictures.  If you can request a video tour, this is helpful as well.  When we relocated to Tbilisi, we offered to pay one month, then decide if we would like to commit for a longer period.  Location and situation of the house may or may not meet your living necessities.

Did you do the Toilet Flush Test?

Sounds crazy, but imagine your house full of a flooded toilet or a constant wáter leak.  Most developing countries offer an inferior plumbing to that of our first world experiences.  Before renting, flush the toilet a few times to make sure everything is working as you expect it to.  If you are renting from abroad and putting your trust in a real estate company, ask about the plumbing.

Can I have a discount?

The first price you see is the “list” price.   From this, there are two types of discounts.  First, if you are in a position to pay 3/6/12 months in advance,  doesn’t hurt to ask for an additional discount for your ability to provide a chunk of cash up front.  Second, if you will be paying month to month, but have committed to a long-term rental, it is acceptable to request a 10% discount.  Unless you are in Georgia (the country), where up to 30% is often accepted for monthly payments and up to 50% for advance payments.

What are the chances of us finding something else?

Don’t settle for the first rental you find (unless it is very good).  At the end of the day relocating is a big deal.  To relocate, and then move again in a short period is not very nice.  Check the área well, noise levels, traffic, and day-to-day movements; as these will all be important factors towards you feeling at home.

What comes with the house?

Know what you are getting before you arrive.  Is the house furnished and if not can you bring your stuff?  Does it have TV and Internet installed?  If not, can that be arranged by them before you move in.  Are the bills included and how are they paid?

Send Irakli – Real Estate and email, he’ll help you find a great house.

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