Arriving in Tbilisi (PII)

March 9, 2015 — by Big Fish0



Arriving in Tbilisi (PII)

March 9, 2015 — by Big Fish0

How to get to and from Tbilisi airport to the Tbilisi city centre

In Part one (P1) we disccussed the different options on how to arrive to Tbilisi, Georgia. In this second part, we are going to describe the process of how to arrive to the city centre of Tbilisi.

When you arrive at Tbilisi Airport, you can choose different options to yourself and/or family to the city centre:

By Car:

You will head (north/west) down Aveniu George W. Bush until you arrive into Tbilisi. This trip will take you around around 30 min.


Just outside the main terminal taxis are available for hire. The Taxi to Tbilisi cost 25 GEL (“Lari”). This is about approximately 12USD$. Be sure to have a paper with the name of the hotel in Georgian just in case the driver does not read the roman alphabet. Best way to do this is by using Google Translate, copy and paste onto a word doc with the remaining hotel information and print. Have this available whe you get into the taxi.

Private Driver:

If you hire a private driver in advance from your hotel, they will pick up you at the arrivals lounge and take you to your hotel. This is the hassle-free version to get directly to your hotel. However, it has higher price to that of the public taxis. It will cost you approximately 20$ (in $ bill).

By Bus:

There is a bus between the Airport and the city. It cost 0,4 GEL . The BUS Number is the 37. The service start time is from 7:00am until 9:30pm daily. If you choose this option on your way into Tbilisi, then you will know how to return from Tbilisi back to the Airport.

Tbilisi Train station at Tbilisi Airport Terminal
Tbilisi Airport terminal with train station

It takes 20 min. by train from the airport into Tbilisi and only cost 0,50 GEL (Lari). Only catch is there are not many trains during the day. So if you are lucky, you will have this option available to you. Here is an updated schedule: Tbilisi Airport – Tbilisi Train Schedule. The train station is separate from the main terminal. It is 70 meters from the taxi stalls. At the arrival gate, looking towards the taxis or car park, turn left and it it will be right in front of you.


Vagzlis Moedani Train Station
Sadguris Moedanis, next to Tbilisi Central Train Station

The train will take you from the Airport to “Vagzlis Moedani“or officialy called “Sadguris Moedanis(Georgian: სადგურის მოედანი), Train Station in Tbilisi. The building is a very boring old soviet union construction, but serves its purpose perfectly. When you exit the station, to your left,  and find the “Station Square” Metro or get a taxi just outside to wherever you’d like to go in the city.

Like all cities, keep your guard up, but keep in mind Tbilisi is none to be quite safe compared to other European cities. The streets are poorly lit and feels a bit dodgy, but really we felt very safe everywhere we travelled in the city centre.

view of the central train station in tbilisi
tbilisi central train station

From the “Station Square” Metro, if you would like to walk a bit, cross over the railway and turn left. From there walk straight all the way down Queen Tamar Ave.. There you will find a modern shopping atmosphere around Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave. And if you are in need of a hamburger, you will find one of the few Mcdonalds on the corner towards the middle of this shopping area.

Happy travels and enjoy Tbilisi.

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