Arriving in Tbilisi (P I)

March 7, 2015 — by Big Fish1



Arriving in Tbilisi (P I)

March 7, 2015 — by Big Fish1

Start planning your family holiday in Tbilisi - Georgia

Welcome to the city where old georgian history meets a film-like scene.   The city is lined with beautiful streets, charming cafes and something beyond words which will truly capture your heart.   The Georgian tourist board got it right when the dubbed their city with this tagling: ” Tbsilisi Loves You”.

By Car:

By any of the roads which connect with Georgia (country) to Turkey/ Armenia/ and Azerbaijan. Keep in mind, Turkey does not have direct road connections with Armenia. And Armenia does not have road connections with Azerbaijan. Road conditions are good and expect to find vendors of fruit on the sides of the road for purchase.

From Turkey the most common border crossing to enter Georgia is in Sarp. If you are coming from Turkey with your car, take more care when driving in Georgia. There is quite a difference when it comes to driving styles. The main roads are in good condition. Customs is fairly easy, fast and quite “westernized”. The Georgia to Turkey or visa versa may have some delays due to large transport trucks. Once in Georgia, you will be notice Batumi is kind of on the way to Tbilisi. Make the detour if you have time and enjoy this lovely city.

map of georgia with crossing borders
Map of Georgia -tbilisi crossing borders

We aware that the common itinerary to go to Tbilisi from Batumi is vía Kutaisi, the southern road (via Akhaltsikhe) is not taken by buses because of road conditions. Try at your risk the direct route or inform us if you have done it.

From Armenia the most common border crossing to enter Georgia is in Sadakhlo. Not many trucks, just a few marshrutkas (vans). The train that connect Armenia to Georgia follow the same road.

Tbilisi Georgia
Freedom Square – Tourism Tbilisi

By Bus:

If you are coming from Turkey/Armenia/ Greece or Iran by Bus, you will arrive at Ortachala Bus Station (ორთაჭალის ავტოსადგური) in Tbilisi. From there you can get a taxi or bus which will take you to the City Centre. Just walk 100 meters and cross under the road. Take bus #80 or #71 to get to the City Center.

Orchalia Bus Station Tbilisi
Picture of Orchalia Bus Station in Tbilisi

By Air:

Look for the IATA code: TBS

Tbilisi Airport was constructed in 2007 and has only one terminal. It has a modern arquitecture made of glass and iron . It was formerly called Novo Alexeyevka International Airport (თბილისის საერთაშორისო აეროპორტი). This is not a huge airport or a big international air hub for any airline, but is fine if your final destination is Georgia (country).

 When we arrived with our flight from Istanbul to Tbilisi, our aircraft was the only one in the entire airport.

We usually fly trough Turkey as Turkish Airlines and PegasusAirlines offer affordable flights which connect Tbilisi. From Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona or any other European flight is easy caught from here and departs regularly. A new company, Wizz Air, is one we will probably give a try in the future. They offer flights to and fron eastern Europe to Tbilisi. We flew with this professional company when we took a two week romantic visit to rustic Romania two winters ago.

Stay tuned for our next posts about Tbilisi and what can you expect when you have arrived with your family. Share with us some of your favourite family vacation ideas.

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