Living the dream

February 24, 2015 — by apalomar1


What "Living the Dream" means for us. A Family Travel Blog.

This statement is globally used by people every day, but what does it exactly refer to? Think about it for a moment: Living the dream.

In our experience, this term has come up in two very specific occasions. First, in 2008, we were “Living the Dream” when we quit our big company jobs to open our own businesses (CrossFit Canarias, FunctionalWOD) where we could do whatever we wanted and had complete control of the quality of lives we desired to live. Next, in 2014, we were (once again) “Living the Dream” when we decided to take the world by storm and turn our indefinite future into one big vacation with Small Fish Big World.

It is very true that in our work oriented culture, travel or vacation-time is limited to a short 2-3 weeks. Naturally, making it very difficult to experience culture and the sense of adventure when all one wants to do is relax, recover, and prepare for yet another long burst of working days. It is after those short weeks when the magic happens, the adventure captures your soul, the child in you comes alive…the dream is planted.

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