Packing like a Ninja

February 27, 2015 — by Mama fish0


How to pack before travel with kids

Picking out the right quantity and attire for your indefinite travel plans can be nothing less than a challenge. Add in kids, an electronic fanatic, and the unknown adventure that lies ahead… uff, we are talking about the skills of a real packing ninja. Need not to worry, here you have a basic guideline to how we managed to get our whole family packed into two “carry-on sized” backpacks.

Local temperatures – deal maker or deal breaker? Before you plan your big adventure, it is best to consider the time of year you will be embarking on this journey and what the weather will be like. has a great 10 day forecast, which more often than not, has been quite accurate for us when it comes to planning what we are going to bring on our trip. By far, the easiest packing for a family involves the warmer destinations on the planet. This is not to say packing for colder climates is impossible. Here is a sample list of what we have packed for our 6 month adventure through Central Asia.

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