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Off the beaten path, Turkey – Nallihan Sanctuary

March 17, 2015 — by Big Fish1

Nallihan Sanctuary (Nallihan Kus Cenneti) is a bird-watch sanctuary located in Davutoglan village, 125km from Ankara. The colourful place is located between Nallihan and Beypazari, close to the border of the lake (see map).

On our way to Beypazari, we discover this place. We are not able to share with you anything about the birds in the area, as we stumbled on this place while off the beaten path. However, we are to share with you the rainbow colors the mountains had. They surprised us while we were driving through. We turned off onto a little dirt road on your left side (Beypazari direction) to get closer to the mountain where we took several pictures. Here we found some nice views and spots for great pictures. Within a 10 minute drive down the little dirt road we felt like we had driven into a totally different world.


If you are not integrated into the bird watching community, this place is unknown to the normal tourist in Turkey. Do not expect to find anybody in the area except some other surprised people driving through to Beypazari or locals.


Here are a few of our pictures and a short video of the area we’d like to share with you.


Nallihan Bird Sanctuary
Nallihan Sanctuary – Turkey


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