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Dream it. Wish it. Do it. Tbilisi

July 18, 2017 — by Mama fish1


FamilyTravel Tips

Dream it. Wish it. Do it. Tbilisi

July 18, 2017 — by Mama fish1

Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

Making life happen instead of waiting for life to happen is a choice.  Time does not stop for anyone, for any reason.  It is up to you and is solely your responsibility to live your life towards the fullest desire you wish to.  For us, we wanted to live the dream  of adventure, culture, tradition, and the opportunity to give our children something greater than we were currently offering them.  It has not been easy, but WOW has it been worth it!

It has been 3 years since we “fell in love on vacation” and decided to change our life’s path towards a more quality based lifestyle and rid ourselves of our once slowly developing hand to mouth lifestyle.  Two years ago, we arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia to live full time with a 20ft shipping container filled with our life’s treasures.  About the same time, I started posting our experiences to this blog.  Life has simply blessed us with an abundance of quality and very little time to document that quality over the past 2 years.  I’m not one to promise, so I won’t promise consistent updates – though the idea is wonderful.  However, I will share with you my intention to make a better effort at providing more updates than a handful in two years.  I wish for others to discover the freedom and quality of life we took a chance on and have discovered.  I, also, wish for those who desire to have the opportunity to live vicariously through our family adventure and the wonder of this beautiful country, the Republic of Georgia to be able to do so.  How does that sound?

So, making life happen has not been easy.  I feel we have done it with a certain amount of grace and am very proud of what we have achieved in two years since arriving in the city that claims loves you.  Let’s be honest, we had a 50//50 chance of success.  We did not come with a briefcase of cash.  We did not know a single person in Tbilisi.  We came with a feeling of good vibes, desire to succeed, and the faith everything would happen as it was meant to.

Here are a few of my biggest surprises since arriving:

Surprise #1 – Children are not ones to be molded, but ones to be unfolded.

Our children have not only thrived in Tbilisi but have chosen it as their home in their hearts.  For this reason alone, we have made the right decision.  It never would have dawned on me the impact our move would have had on our children.  This, for me, has been a great example of potential and ultimate potential in someone.  Though they were happy and lived a seemingly “normal” life in Spain, it is only now have I had the opportunity to witnessed them unfold into carefree happiness and fulfillment in daily life.  Interesting, right?

Eating with the kids in Chiatura
Picture of our kids in Chiatura, Republic of Georgia

Surprise #2 –  It’s not about less time, it’s about how you manage your time that creates quality.

Quality of life was a huge motivator for my husband and I when deciding to move.  Not that our quality of life was horrible in Spain, but as the saying goes: “If I knew then, what I know now…” I definitely would have made my choice to move much sooner.  Also, what I thought defined my quality of life desires then, now have a different meaning.  For example, I am a workaholic.  I love what I do and am very lucky to not call it work, but rather a passion I get paid to do.  Two years ago, I was overworked – so I thought.  Today, compared to then, my work hours are very similar; the difference is the quality of my work is much higher and more precise towards what I am doing.  Whereas, in the past, my quality of work was based on the quantity of exposure my work had. Does that make sense?

Surprise #3 – Caring for thyself creates freedom to live.

This sounds crazy; I am fitness junkie who trains my physical and mental strength several times a week.  Hence in doing so, I consistently care for myself, right?  No, not exactly.  I have learned by maintaining boundaries and rituals, I am freer.  I am freer to spend quality time with my children.  I am freer to spend quality time with my husband.  I am freer to spend quality time with myself.  I am freer to spend quality time being adventurous.  I am simply freer.  In this freedom, I have not only grown, but have discovered peace in myself.   Boundaries include: No work past 18:00. Only professional relationships, no friendships within the work environment. Give 80% and keep 20% for yourself. Say noMorning coffee without any mommy duty interception. Rituals include: Evening and morning snuggles with the kids. Family dinner every night.  Monthly self-care package – pedi, etc. One hour, no work, with my husband (usually after 20:30).

Surprise #4 – Trust the process.

Take each day, one at a time.  What’s meant for you –  is for you –  and there is nothing in the world that can stop that.  We had faith in our decision to move to Tbilisi, Georgia.  We committed ourselves towards working hard, listening to opportunities, and doing what was best towards the reasons why we moved here.  We did not dwell on, nor force the process.  Time, hard work, and faith in the process has granted us with exactly what we needed– a better quality of life, rich experiences, and a more fulfilling day to day life.  Too often, in the past, we were driven off course simply because we forced the process to evolve.

Georgian Cuisine Restaurant
Quality time with the family in the Republic of Georgia

Surprise #5 – Face your fears and put yourself out there.

One of our biggest weakness, as a couple and team, is our plethora of complimenting skills which balance each other out near perfectly.  Some would say this is great and as a lifelong couple and team it definitely helps us more than hurts us.  However, it is very difficult for us to put ourselves out there for whatever reason, simply because between us we feel we can achieve whatever as a team.   Or, as I may have learned – maybe we were just scared to let go of each other and take the risk of what we may learn from others.  Yep, another big surprise.  I have thrown myself out on many limbs since arriving here and what a great experience.   To my surprise, many opportunities, random generosity, and a handful of friendships have blossomed – and for that I am grateful.

CrossFit Tbilisi
Random acts of kindness and happiness

In conclusion, if you’re dreaming about something other than you are doing… make a wish, make a plan for that wish.  Then, do it.

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  • Donna

    July 18, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    So very true! Small actions daily creates big results! Dream it! Do it!! Your either moving toward your dream or fueling your past! Hearts on Fire!
    Mom ❤️


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