How to DIY: Dried Fuyu Persimmons

October 27, 2015 — by Mama fish0



How to DIY: Dried Fuyu Persimmons

October 27, 2015 — by Mama fish0

t’s persimmon season right now, so I decided to jump-start my natural learning and living curve by doing as the locals do – dry Fuyu Persimmons.  These golden beauties hanging in the windows adorn every third house in my neighborhood.  Not only makes for a festive look but a great kick off to the best time of year, Fall.

Making Hoschigaki (Dried Fuyu Persimmons) is dead easy and can be done anywhere in the world where Fuyu Persimmons can be bought.  Don’t miss the boat, nor this amazing snack.

Dried Fuyu Persimmons


•    Fuyu persimmons with a bit of stem attached. If there is no branch attached, you can stick a thumb tack where the stem stub is for tying purpose.
•    Paring knife
•    Kitchen twine or cotton string
•    A portable towel rack, clothing rack or somewhere from which to hang the fruit, so it doesn’t touch.  I used my window.


1.    Wash and dry the persimmons.
2.    Peel them but leave the stem area intact.
3.    Hang them from the stem in an area out of direct sun.
4.    Allow them to dry for at least a month. Test them for dryness — they may need longer in your location.

What to do with your dried persimmons:
•    Eat them as is
•    Chop them up and use them as an alternative to raisins in sweet and savory baking/dishes.
•    Pour hot water over a couple and let them infuse for an amazing tea.  Spice it up with cinnamon for a holiday treat.
•    Infuse booze:

Get a Free Printable version of this recipe here.

How to dry persimmons
Dried Persimmon Recipe

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