Family Travel Insurance

May 8, 2015 — by Big Fish0



Family Travel Insurance

May 8, 2015 — by Big Fish0

Family Travel Insurance

As we have always said, there is no completely safe journey. However, by properly setting your exciting family adventure up to be as stress free as possible, will help in case of any misfortune experiences. Keep in mind, some destinations and activities carry a higher risk than others when planning your travel insurance plan.

If you are planning the ultimate adventure in some remote location on the globe, naturally it is not the same to get yourself or family member to a hospital there as it would be in a more developed location. Reduce the additional “adventure” and pick a plan which includes more extreme measures for these potential higher risks. These plans may include helicopter transport, relocation to another country with more appropriate care, etc. Typically these plans will cover from 10k-50k and will have an additional cost compared to the FREE plan, which only allows up to a couple hundred bucks for care. The flip side is your holiday turns into a multi zero expense and no alternatives around the additional costs. At the end of the day, it is your families health and safety… only the best is best.

family travel insurance
how to find the best travel insurance

When considering the right travel insurance for your trip, it is important to look at the details covered by insurance. When choosing our travel insurance we always want to be well covered in all of these points:

  • Medical Expenses (including relocation if necessary)
  • Liability for loss or change of travel
  • Legal Expenses

Additional coverages may be important, but not completely necessary. Weight your options and choose what you feel is best for the trip you have planned.

It’s never a bad idea to be over prepared for the worst case scenario.

For our short trips we usually use Columbus Direct. We’ve tested different insurers and fortunately to date we have not needed to use them. However, this English company has a solid track record of 25 years of existence and a great family policy. If you find a better one, let us know so we publish it on our blog and share the wealth of great advice from like travelers.

All opinions will be published in this post’s thread and we’ll do our best to keep it constantly updated. Safe travels.

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