Like a Local: Three trending apartments you shouldn’t miss

November 3, 2015 — by Mama fish0



Like a Local: Three trending apartments you shouldn’t miss

November 3, 2015 — by Mama fish0

Home is a sacred place. It’s a physical abode where one is ‘safe” from the bustle of the outside world.  As well as an internal place where one freely feels whole, can rest, and let their dreams run free. Why should these essentials change when we are traveling?

Thanks to companies like Airbnb  and Windu, “homes” are popping up all over the world.  With over one million listings, (we) the travellers, can choose from any style of #safehaven and break our traditional routines.  Our goal is to find you the best kept secret “trending” apartments in Tbilisi (Georgia) that shouldn’t be missed.

The Homemade Home

Located in “old town” Tbilisi, directly opposite of The Royal Bath House, this artsy option has got to be one of the best and prettiest located homes-away-from-home in Tbilisi.  It is very well located for both sightseeing and gastronomic pleasures.

Greeted by Two openhearted women, Eto and her niece Ani.   Both are available for any additional information necessary to make your stay stress free and enjoyable.  Eto passionately offers a wealth of information related to Georgia and her traditions.  She also owns and operates a local restaurant and holiday craft making  business.  If you are Christmas fan like myself, her ordainments are a must have.

Old Tbilisi in Apartment
Eto’s Apartment in Abanotubi

Welcome home: A table carefully decorated with a collection of Georgian flavors – rustic flavored cheeses made by the monks, homemade golden wine from the owners garden, cookies, and chocolates. These treats are for your pleasure at no additional cost.

Style: Everything is homemade with the heart.  The apartment is adorned with “vintage-esk” artsy accessories in bright colors and patterns.

Accommodation: First floor, newly renovated, two-bedroom apartment with new firm mattresses. The apartment is furnished with one small bathroom (hot water), a fully equipped intimate kitchen, sitting room w/tv, and air-conditioning/heating.  Internet is also available.

Why you should stay here:  It’s a genuine out of the ordinary experience outside of the typical western home.  The apartment is filled with love and authenticity that cannot be replicated in a hotel or normal airbnb rental.  The location is #perfect.  Combined with being in the heart of old Tbilisi and the charming night views, it’s as if you are sleeping in an old film set scene.  It is most often booked a 4-6 weeks ahead of time. $$


Centrally located near Freedom Square, this home offers a unique luxury of the public living experience, without the typically shared amenities.  From within, one may feel as if they are sitting in a European designed home.  However, the newly remodeled apartment boasts a beautiful backdrop of windows running from one side to the other offering a glance into the public living space of the local Georgian neighbors (and visa versa).

Greeted by A modest intellect, Hans (owner), who’s “cover” goes far beyond one’s first impression.  Not only has he contributed to the 2012 Lonely Planet, but his passion for wind adventure sports (wind surfing, paragliding, kite skiing) could have kept us asking questions for hours.  When he is travelling, Hans trusty friend will see you into the flat.  He offers airport pickup upon request.

Apartment close to Freedom Square
Hans Apartment in Old Tbilisi

Welcome home:  Heat yourself a complimentary cup of tea or coffee, spiked with local honey.  Help yourself to one, two, or several English language guidebooks covering the piano top.  Light up the homey fireplace, put your feet up, and acquaint yourself with Georgia in the cozy living room.  Additionally, the kitchen is stocked with the basics (for your use) and often will store some food to make yourself a little meal upon arrival.

Style:  A fusion of Scandinavian simplicity, with the crookedness of the Tbilisi living experience.

Accommodation: First floor, newly renovated, one-bedroom apartment with fireplace. The apartment is clutter-free, simple, and white (not so kid friendly).  The bathroom offers a unique design with elevated wood flooring that we thought was pretty cool.  Beds, water, linens, and furniture are all of European standard.   Additionally a fully equipped kitchen is available for any of your cooking needs.  Internet is available.

Why you should stay here:  First and foremost, the minute you enter, it’s a break on the brain from the over-stimulating greatness Tbilisi offers.   After touring cathedrals, walking up and down old streets, and saying your “garmajoba’s and magdaloba’s, it’s a genuine resting place.  The apartment offers elegance and tranquility.  It is most often available for last minute bookings.  $$

Cozy Apartment Near Freedom Square

Located at the top of a sunny three-story historic house just off Freedom Square; this place is a steal of a deal.  It reminded me of the saying, “Great things come in small packages”.   The entrance leading up to the apartment offers a pre-soviet art-like gallery of frescos dating back to 1911.   Affordable like a hostel, but private like a home.

Greeted by A shy warm hearted young Georgian, Bacho (owner).  Not only very responsive to accommodating myself very quickly, but also paid attention to the quality of his service that was provided.  He openly shares his desire to provide travellers with affordable lodging options, while maintaining quality and privacy.

Apartment for rent in Tbilisi
The Private Hostel

Welcome, home:  Small, but very comfortable.  As you enter the house, you are welcomed with mobile phones, sim cards, bus/metro passes, and a small 1-day tours booklet at great prices.  All of which is provided by Bacho.  Prices compared to other tour agencies are affordable and less than that of other agencies.  He offers around the clock communication should you require additional travel requests during your stay.

Style:  A self-designed industrial-esk space with antique brick walls, mosaic tiles, iron beams, and hand made furnishings.

Accommodation: Third floor, newly renovated, one-bedroom (sleeps 3) miniature apartment with all the basic amenities for a short stay. The apartment is practical for the eco or minimalist traveler.  This small space is much like a hostel, but way better and all yours.  Additionally, basic condiments, a microwave, a small fridge, towels, linens, a space heater, and blankets are provided. Internet is available.

Why you should stay here:  Its crazy how “big” such a small space can feel.  It’s airy, well designed, and perfect for a couple day stay.  Not to mention, easily one of the most affordable options in Tbilisi.

Are you a member of Airbnb yet? If not, winner winner chicken dinner.

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