Out and about: Vake Park

August 30, 2015 — by Mama fish0



Out and about: Vake Park

August 30, 2015 — by Mama fish0

Vake Park - Fun day

I have a love /dislike relationship with Summer. I love summer because, in my mind, I feel like I will have more time to play with my children, BBQ chicken, eat peaches, and lie in the sun by a pool or river. Ha ha… then reality sets in and I realize, wait I dislike summer. Nothing in my normal routine has changed. I still have work. I still have my homemaker responsibilities. I still have seeming no time for fun and now an added stress of two children to entertain. It’s all in the mind (and maybe a bit more organization), I promise you.

Vake Park
City Tour in Tbilisi

Since arriving in Tbilisi we’ve made a huge effort to balance our work and family play time. Each day we go out and explore a different part of the city. Whether you are traveling to Tbilisi or live here, Vake Park is a great day out. Especially, in the summertime.

Things to do in Tbilisi
View of Vake Park- Tbilisi

There are a good handful of parks around the city, but this one is the best! The public park is located in the Vake district at the western end of Chavchavadze Avenue. If you are a fan of nature and big nut trees like me, then this is the place for you. The park is loaded with shady areas for a picnic and park benches for a nap. This is what Teo did anyway on the park bench. There are also several playgrounds, both modern and vintage, for the children to explore.

Vake - Tbilisi
Vintage Swing in Vake Park

If it is hot, in the center of the park, there are three tiers of small water fountains where the children can play in water geyser’s. Make sure to pack their bathing suits and a towel. Note: it can be a bit slippery from the moss on the ground, so be careful. Nonetheless, a ton of rustic fun in the sun.

Vake Park - Tbilisi
Summer Time in Tbilisi

Towards the upper left side of the park (fountains to the right) we discovered a neat little building covered in local graffiti where we played with the children and took pictures doing silly fitness stunts. The children enjoyed this and the artwork. PIC TIP: Great place for a unique family portrait. Unfortunately our little fish was a bit tired at this point and had little interest in our “games” and desire for the perfect family pic.

Kids ideas Tbilisi
Vake Park – Graffiti Area

Lastly, at the back of the park, you can’t miss it, boasts a huge monumental staircase/fountain which you can climb and take a short 30 minute nature walk to the “open air” Ethnographic Museum. The museum offers a authentic experience of Georgian history where you and your children can explore the lifestyle and house of a slice of the past. Both engaging and very interesting.

Open Air Museum - Tbilisi
Open Air Museum – Tbilisi

Have fun and enjoy your day out. What did your you or your kids like best about Vake Park? Happy travels.

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