Travel Itch

April 22, 2015 — by Mama fish0



Travel Itch

April 22, 2015 — by Mama fish0

I’ve been feeling quite “itchy” recently. An itch to get back in the kitchen. An itch to go shopping for summer clothes. An itch to be irresponsible and just let things go. More importantly than any of those itches, I have a major itch to pack up the family, hop on a plane, and go somewhere new. Do you ever get this feeling?

Las Canteras beach Spain
Las Canteras beach in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

These past eight months have been quite a difficult little life test for our shoal. Lots of patience, humility at its finest, and a great amount of reflection towards what we want to provide for our family over the next 5+ years. Since visiting Georgia last summer, the universe has provided us with the opportunity to make a few major life changes. We have spent the last half year working very hard to make these things happen.

  • Change our passionately filled business from emotional based to professionally based. CHECK.
  • Re-brand and re-launch our online functional fitness store. CHECK.
  • Spend quality time with each of our children daily. CHECK.
  • Date night once a week. CHECK.
  • Make “training” happen at least three days a week. Inside outside,

    doesn’t matter. CHECK.

  • Create a new online business ( IN PROGRESS.
  • Get this site up and going. IN PROGRESS.

I have learned a lot about myself and family through these redefining times. What I have learned most and feel valuable to share are:

If you have an “itch”, make it happen. Set your family appropriate time frames and goals to meet whichever changes you’d like to happen. Anything is possible with a bit of time and a positive attitude.

Nikol Burton y Alejandro Palomar
Mama Fish and Big Fish

Upcoming trips to watch out for:

Copenhagen: Nikol is flying solo and leaving Big Fish in charge of the shoal. She’s going to the CrossFit European Regionals with one of her athletes, Eva Cortiella.

Lisboa, Portugal: Nos Alive Music Festival. We have been going to this “unknown” festival for the past 6 years. We will be basking in this beautiful city and great music fest early July.

Nos Alive - Lisboa
Optimus Alive Stage – Portugal

Tblisi, Geogia: Watch this spot. Tic toc tic

What are some of your upcoming adventurous family vacations?

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