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Vardzia – Family Daytrip

March 14, 2015 — by Big Fish0

Day Trip in Vardzia- Georgia

Here you have the video of our day trip to Vardzia (Georgia). Meet Mama Fish and Nemo on it.  3 hours exploring this amazing place.

Vardzia is a Cave Monastery located  in southern Georgia, excavated from the slopes of a mountain.

The main period of construction was the second half of the twelfth century the area of Vardzia was inhabited during the Bronze Age.

Vardzia was founded by King George III and enlarged by his daughter Queen Tamar, the first queen of Georgia, just after 10,000 Turkish troops marched into Georgia but were defeated by a Georgian army of just 2,000 men.

The Cave of Monastery of Vardzia is organized on seven levels with a height of 50 meters and a length of 800 meters.
The monastery once housed about 2000 monks.

The monastery is divided in 2 sections:
The western section has 40 cave groups and about 165 rooms and 7 churches, including  a refrectory with a bakery, other ovens for baking bread, and a forge.
The eastern section has 79 cave groups and 244 rooms and 6 churches: including  a meeting room, reception chamber, pharmacy, and twenty-five wine cellars  with 185 wine jars sunk into the floor.

Hope you like it. Any comments are welcome!



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